Officer shoots armed man in the head

HOUSTON The incident began at around 1:45am on Laura Koppe near Lockwood, when an HPD officer saw a male and female suspect involved in what he believed was a drug deal. The officer commanded the two to stop.

The female complied, but the male took off running. The officer gave chase, and during his pursuit on foot, says that the suspect turned around and fired a bullet that whizzed past his head, almost striking the officer.

When the two became involved in a struggle, the officer injured his thumb trying to get the gun away from the suspect. A second officer approached during that struggle and says he saw the suspect raising the gun to shoot again. That's when the second officer fired a shot, striking the suspect in the head and critically injuring him. Another shot may also have been fired.

The 26-year-old male suspect was taken to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition and is not expected to survive.

The officers were not injured, other than the one officer's thumb. They will be on three days of desk duty which is not punishment, but is standard procedure following an officer-involved shooting.

The case is under investigation. The woman from the scene is now talking to police.

This is the third shooting involving an HPD officer in less than a week. Last Wednesday night, an officer shot a man threatening his estranged common-law wife in far southwest Houston. And then on Friday morning, an officer shot a teenage burglary suspect in north Houston.

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