Three students mugged in as many weeks


The three incidents happened before and after school and in Houston city limits, and now Bellaire High School students have been warned of the dangers of walking home alone.

The most recent attack happened to a 15-year-old riding home from Bellaire High School on Ferris Street.

"I'm very shocked," parent Patti Wright said.

The suspect knocked the teen from his bike and stole it. It's even more concerning for parents because it was not the first incident on that street. A couple of weeks earlier, two male students were accosted by a suspect who stole a phone.

"Oh that's sick, and I hope that they're caught because you just don't do that to innocent children," Wright said.

The third incident was just last week when two students were arrested and charged with robbing and assaulting their classmate before school.

While police do not believe the trio of incidents is related, it's a reminder to parents that their teens can be targets.

"Even at this age, people usually think you only need to talk to little kids, but you need to make them aware of their surroundings at all times," Wright said.

School and law enforcement officers are urging students to be alert and stay aware of their surroundings. Police have stepped up patrols after school.

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