Houstonians vote to stop red-light cameras

HOUSTON With almost all of the city's precincts reporting, 52 percent voted to turn off the cameras being used document motorists who run red lights, with 48 percent voting to keep using them.

The vote comes four years after the first cameras were activated in Houston and results from a battle waged by three brothers under the banner "Citizens Against Red Light Cameras."

Numerous studies have, however, found a drop in collisions at intersections with cameras, partly because signs warning people of the cameras make them drive more carefully. However, Houston bail bondsman Michael Kubosh, who founded the anti-red light camera group, contends that the devices are a municipal shakedown of the city's motorists and have not been proved to be a life saver.

Baytown voters get say on red light cameras

In Baytown, the red light camera question was reversed on the city's ballot. Proposition 1 asked if the city should be limited in how it uses red light cameras. Baytown voters overwhelmingly voted for Prop 1, meaning red light cameras need to be restricted.

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