CAUGHT ON TAPE: Terrifying wrong-way driver


Video obtained first by WPVI-TV in Philadelphia shows an elderly woman cruising the wrong way in the southbound lanes of I-95.

Cars can be seen weaving out of her way trying desperately to avoid a head on collision. At one point, she side swipes the center concrete barrier.

WPVI viewer Tim Fleming shot the video on his phone while traveling in the northbound lanes.

"It was crazy, man, I thought I was going to see people die, I seriously thought I was going to see people die," Fleming said.

Fleming says at around 12:15 p.m. the woman first began going the wrong way on Rt. 322 in Upper Chichester.

He began following the blue older model Buick station wagon doing everything he could to alert her.

In the video, his phone shakes as he waves his arm.

"I saw cars swerving around her, she wouldn't stop and I yelled at her again I waved my arm at her again. She waved at me leave me alone," Fleming said.

Fleming said he was going 45 to 50 miles per hour and the woman was probably doing the same.

Pennsylvania State Police say the out of control driver caused at least 4 accidents, including one driver who slammed into a bridge overpass.

No one was seriously hurt.

It's unclear if the woman knew she was going the wrong way, but she eventually stopped and got off I-95. Now, investigators want to question her.

Police are still looking for the older model Buick station wagon, blue or possibly silver in color with wood paneling.

This story comes to us from our sister station, WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

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