Three charged with robbery in crime spree

HOUSTON For right now the men are accused of robbing four CVS pharmacies all in northwest Harris County overnight.

A loaded rifle and a handgun were the weapons detectives say were used in the dangerous crime spree. It spanned no more than a few hours, but it left customers shaken up.

"I don't think I can image, to be honest with you. It's getting a little crazy - this used to be somewhat of a nice area," said Felicia Miller.

It started around 1:40am when sheriff's deputies got the first reports of a CVS store on Highway 290 being robbed at gunpoint. Over the next few hours, three more stores were hit, each in the same violent manner.

"They went in masked up and put guns on the employees of the CVS pharmacies," said Sgt. Robert Shields of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives say in all of the cases the suspects demanded cigarettes and cash, before fleeing in a maroon Pontiac Grand Am. Deputies were able to catch the suspects, thanks to a witness who got a good description of their vehicle.

Investigators eventually tracked down the car at the scene of the final heist. Inside the car, they found the stolen items and the weapons authorities say could have easily been used.

"When they come in locked and loaded with weapons, it's potential shootings," said Sgt. Shields.

The three suspects, one 18 year old and two 17 year olds, were taken in for questioning. Each of them faces four counts of aggravated robbery.

Near the last store to be hit, off Highway 249 in the Cypresswood area, customers wondered if the chain might now rethink its extended hours.

"It doesn't make me feel that safe. But at places like this that are open 24 hours, maybe I shouldn't go to these places," said Stacy Huynh.

Exactly how much money was taken is unclear. No one was injured during the robberies.

Authorities won't say exactly how many other robberies they're investigating as possibly linked to the three suspects.

A spokesperson for CVS told us they are cooperating with the sheriff's office, saying they are "grateful that the suspects were apprehended so quickly this morning."

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