SPCA: Man said he would "eat kittens for dinner"


Investigators say it was Sunday night when Francis McGinley, 44, found two kittens and took them into the home he shared with two women.

McGinley allegedly told the women "I ran them over with my truck so I could eat them for dinner."

The Delaware County SPCA said McGinley then put them in a bath tub to, presumably, wash the blood off them.

However, investigators do not believe McGinley ran the kittens over, but say he may have tried.

Authorities were contacted and they arrested McGinley, who appeared to be intoxicated, Chester Police said.

McGinley is charged with animal abuse, harassment, disorderly conduct and related charges.

The kittens were alive, the SPCA said, but the full extent of their injuries was not immediately known. Nor was it known how they were injured.

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