Police dig up yard searching for body

October 12, 2010 4:34:08 PM PDT
Houston police are investigating reports of a body buried in a backyard in the Heights. According to Houston police, SWAT officers forced their way into a home near the intersection of Houston Avenue and Redan at around 5am in order to serve a warrant. The warrant was related to a prior burglary at the home. Three suspects were arrested on charges in connection with that burglary. Police interviewed both the victim and the suspects.

"The victim of the burglary actually stated to police that she had heard that there was a body buried underneath there," explained Victor Senties with the Houston Police Department. "The suspects, when they were questioned, confirmed that they had been spreading this rumor. So our homicide division was obligated to come out and take a look, and see if there was any truth to that rumor."

Officers spent hours digging under what was once a concrete patio area during the search, but no body was found. No word yet who made the claim or what charges, if any, they could face.