Cheerleaders refuse to wear 'skimpy' uniforms


The cheerleading squad at Central High School in Bridgeport says the uniforms show off too much of their midriff and say it hurts their self-esteem.

Central High School's cheerleading squad is pumping up more than their fans these days.

"I think they were a little too revealing," said Shericka Jackson, the mother of a cheerleader.

They're stirring up controversy about what the squad has been wearing during games.

So far, it has overshadowed what's happening on the field.

"If you want to take it as skimpy, then it's skimpy," one cheerleader said.

Some of the squad's cheerleaders say the uniforms just don't fit and show a little too much to Central High's fans.

"The stomach and butt hangs out," said one cheerleader.

They've already worn the uniform once, and they've all but refused to do it again.

"We had to put on shorts underneath," said cheerleader Heidi Medina.

"At no time were adults supporting indecency, this is about a series of circumstances that mushroomed on all of us," said John Ramos Sr., Superintendent of Schools in Bridgeport.

The superintendent says that the original uniform order was incomplete, and that they've been working to resolve the mix up for some time.

"Just to ensure everyone is comfortable, we are going to have body suits," said James Denton, the Athletic Director.

Wednesday the cheerleaders say their uniforms will be altered, just in time for the big game on Friday.

Central's football team may be undefeated, but their cheerleaders are pretty tough too.

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