Pearland suburb probing alleged police brutality

October 5, 2010 7:20:20 PM PDT
The police chief in the small town of Brookside Village, just north of Pearland, has launched an investigation into whether a woman was the victim of police brutality there. Elizabeth Martinez says she was beaten up by a Brookside Village police officer last Friday morning. She admits she drove her car into a ditch because she had too much to drink, and she was arrested.

But while in handcuffs, she says she talked back to the officer and ended up with bruises all over her body.

"He's GRABBING like this like that and like that, and yeah beating me up is what you say, and I was in handcuffs like this, so my whole body was moving in every direction," Martinez said. "Whatever I did, I know I did wrong, but I don't deserve all this that's way beyond."

Police Chief Ray Trevino met with Martinez and her family on Tuesday. He declined our request for an interview but says an investigation is underway.

Martinez plans to file a formal complaint.