Kids spot two-foot gator near apartment complex

A baby alligator surprised neighbors at an apartment complex.

September 24, 2010 10:02:27 AM PDT
A young alligator wandered into unwelcome territory in southeast Houston. Some kids spotted the gator last night at the Fair Oaks Apartments on Fair Oaks near Brookside. One of the children told his uncle, who restrained the animal until the game warden arrived.

"I grabbed a basket, and I threw it at him. I put some gloves after I threw it at him and I just grabbed him. I tape his mouth and called 911," said Hector Ochoa.

The game warden put the two-foot gator in a box to be released in a proper location. He did give the kids a chance to pet the gator before taking it away.

They plan to take the little reptile back into a more natural habitat.