Police looking for suspect in officer-involved shooting

HOUSTON Investigators collected evidence and talked to witnesses Monday night, as an active search took place for the suspect who Houston police say first held a woman at gunpoint and then tried to run over an officer. The hunt for that suspect had been going on for hours around the area of Donovan and Wheatley.

It started around 5:30pm in the 1300 block of West Donovan. Police received a call about a man who had walked up to a woman sitting in her car and pointed a gun to her head.

The suspect initially fled, but when police arrived, he returned. The victim identified him.

HPD tried to stop the suspect, and that's when police say he tried to run over the officer.

"The officer believing that the vehicle was coming toward him, that he was about to be run over, discharged his weapon," HPD Spokesman Victor Senties said.

Police say the officer discharged his weapon several times. They do believe he actually hit the suspect, though the man was still able to get out of the car and run off. They are still searching for him and have alerted nearby hospitals of the incident in case a patient with a suspicious gunshot wound seeks medical help there.

The officer who discharged his weapon is a rookie who was sworn into the department in January 2010. He has spoken to the Harris County District Attorney's Office and investigators.

Police recovered two pistols from the scene, but they're not sure whether the suspect is still armed.

If he's caught, the suspect could face charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer as well as aggravated assault.

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