NASA team reflects on trip to help trapped miners

HOUSTON NASA sent a specialist in air evacuation, a psychologist, a top safety engineer, and its deputy chief medical officer to Chile to see how NASA could help the rescue effort.

Speaking from the Johnson Space Center Tuesday, the NASA team talked about their experience in Chile.

"This is going to be a very dynamic situation for a long period of time, and i'm sure they'll have questions and want to bounce ideas off us and some things we've learned," Dr Michael Duncan NASA Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

The experts spent three days at the mine site, speaking with the trapped men, their families, and the team of people trying to get them out. They offered advice on behavioral health, sanitation, hygiene, and other factors that come into play.

The men have been trapped since August 5 after a landslide. Engineers estimate it could be up to four months before any rescue can take place.

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