Deputies uncover stores selling drug paraphernalia

HOUSTON Several stores are selling glass tubes with tiny long stem roses inside of them. This item is called Love Rose. As innocent as it seems, Harris County Precinct 7 deputies say once the rose is pushed out by a twisted piece of brillo pad also sold at these locations, it becomes a pipe that is used for smoking crack cocaine.

On Wednesay, the deputies confiscated several containers of the item called Love Rose, a box of twisted pieces of brillo pads and hundreds of cigarettes being sold individually.

Precinct 7 Captain Monroe Wilkerson said, "This particular store is selling individual pipes in small brown bags along with cut pieces of brillo pad that is used as a filter for smoking."

There are 36 love roses in each box and they are being sold for $1.00 each. The twisted pieces of brillo pads are sold for $0.75.

Deputies planned to revisit the location in question, prepared to confiscate these items being sold to store patrons.

Constable May Walker insisted, "Since these items can be legally sold to minors, parents must be notified."

Precinct 7 deputies have found at least three stores in the area selling one or more of these items.

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