Skilled workers needed to help finish 3rd ward home

HOUSTON The work has been nonstop, all day every day, but despite the herculean effort, the project is in jeopardy. The crews are still about 21 hours behind schedule. Usually, being a day behind schedule isn't a big deal, but when the show only gets 106 hours to build a house, being behind any amount of time is a problem.

Organizers are frantic they may not be able to finish. The rebuilt home is for Eric and Elaine Johnson and their five daughters. The family is known for their tireless work to help, without question, youth in the southeast Houston.

The entire Johnson family was sent away this week and are returning tomorrow, so the pressure's on to get everything done and there is a desperate need for volunteers. A local Christian radio station has been at the forefront of getting help, but acknowledge they need more volunteers.

"To be able to say, 'Here are our specific needs and here's what is going on,' but yeah. They've definitely shared about how the need is kind of getting a little stressful," said Liz Jordan with KSBJ.

There are still urgent needs to finish the home. The builder is looking for professional interior painters beginning at 6am Saturday and professional exterior painters at 2pm Saturday afternoon. Call 713 545-1080 if you can help. But anyone willing to put in a little elbow grease is welcome to come by and help. Find out how you can volunteer.

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