Residents on edge as rain continues to fall

BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX Despite residents' best efforts, the parking lot and much of the front courtyard of Oak Bend Estates are starting to flood.

"This morning, we checked the ditch to see what the drainage issue was because all day yesterday you could see it draining really fast," said resident Heather Darrell. ""We saw two culverts that were backed up with trash so we cleared those out and they are now flowing. So I'm trying to keep an eye on the level, seeing if it is going down."

In a frenzy dash last night, neighbors moved their cars to the street because it sits on higher ground. Neighbors know the apartments are low lying and flood easily. But they are concerned another storm will flood more than the parking lot so many here have com e up with a Plan B.

"It's going to flood more and I'm having issues with that because I want to get my mom out of there," said concerned resident Wayland Bryant Thomas. "But my sister has a big truck and she can come in and go get her."

The Cantleberry Apartments were drying out this morning. The floodwaters had receded from the courtyard and the parking lot, but nerves are on edge about today's rainy forecast.

"I'm scared it is going to be the same thing again," said resident Pam Thorton. "If it rains like it did yesterday, it will because we are really low right here."

The rain intensified by 11am in that already very saturated area. Those residents may see flooding in their homes if the rain continues to fall.

Crews from the Texas Department of Transportation shut down Highway 35 at FM 1301. The stretch of road between West Columbia and Sweeny was underwater at one point Thursday.

We'll bring you the latest on this story in our later editions of Eyewitness News.

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