New details revealed in teen beating case


Those officers have been relieved of duty. And investigators are looking into the possibility of criminal charges against them.

But one woman says the teen who says police beat him isn't an innocent victim.

Frances Vernon tells ABC13 she finds the allegations against those Houston police officers hard to believe. She says if what Chad Holley claims is true, then she certainly feels sorry for him.

However, Vernon was quick to point out he's not the only victim here.

"I have to get new windows," Vernon said.

Five weeks ago, Houston police called Vernon at work with the news no homeowner ever wants to hear.

"He said, 'We're at your house and there was a break in,'" Vernon said.

The thieves slid open a front window, crawled inside and began to pilfer through her personal belongings.

"They went in my bedroom, into my jewelry box, took my jewelry," Vernon said.

Police told her they stopped the suspected burglars outside a storage facility a few blocks from her home.

Up until a few hours ago, she had no idea that one of them was Holley, the 16-year-old who claims Houston police beat him up after they caught him. An incident allegedly caught on tape.

"The way the officers -- they didn't seem like they hurt no body," she said. "They just captured the kids."

Eighteen-year-old Elijah Broussard was also arrested and charged with breaking into Vernon's home.

The arresting officers, who have since been relieved of duty, are members of Westside Command's gang and tactical units. It appears they working undercover and had Holley and Broussard under surveillance.

"They've been breaking into people's houses," Vernon said.

"They've been watching these kids," she said. "That's why they waited for them to get out of my house to pick them up."

While Vernon feels bad about the alleged beating, she blames the parents for not teaching their kids right from wrong.

"He did a crime. He did something wrong," she said. "I don't know what the officers did, but he did something wrong."

"They came in my house, and they violated my privacy," she said.

Vernon said from what she could tell, the officers that handled her situation appeared to be professional. She did get back all her money and jewelry back.

ABC13's attempt to contact Broussard's attorney Friday night was unsuccessful.

The officers accused in the teen's beating are:

With the Westside Gang Unit:

Sgt. John W. McClellan - sworn in May 1972
Ofc Raad M. Hassan - sworn in Dec 2003
Ofc Waleed M. Hassan - sworn in May 2001
Ofc Philip N. Bryan - sworn in Dec 1990
Ofc Drew W. Ryser - sworn in Feb 2007
Ofc Andrew T. Blomberg - sworn in Feb 2007
Ofc Gaudencio Saucedo - sworn in April 2002

With the Westside Tactical Unit:

Sr. Ofc Lewis M. Childress - sworn in July 1988

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