Alleged assault acted out in cop's trial

HOUSTON /*Jon Fitzgerald*/ has been accused of using excessive force during the arrest of Ryan Sanders on November 13, 2008.

Sanders and Jennifer Beatty took the stand this morning in Fitzgerald's trial. They were on a motorcycle during a chase that led to the alleged abuse.

After the chase ended in arrest, Sanders claims Fitzgerald bashed his head into the curb. During his testimony, Sanders demonstrated with a prosecutor on the floor of the courtroom how he says the officer assaulted him.

Sanders said, "As stupid as it was what I did, I didn't deserve that."

He also says he thought that the police officer would get away with the assault.

Beatty testified that she was terrified during the chase and did not see the officer's alleged assault on Sanders because she was lying on the ground.

On Monday, an officer demonstrated how he saw Fitzgerald bashing a chase suspect's head into a concrete curb several times. The officer said he later confronted Fitzgerald at the police station, and Fitzgerald denied doing anything wrong.

This is the second trial for Fitzgerald on the charge of official oppression. His first trial ended with a hung jury.

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