Houston-area teen shot on Spring Break

HOUSTON She was visiting people in Memphis, Tennessee, when someone started shooting. Her friends back here in Houston are worried as she remains in the hospital.

"Just standing in the wrong area at the wrong time that's it," said friend Jasmine Guy.

Carmen Rankin's best friend says the 18-year-old was not the intended target in a drive-by shooting in Memphis last Thursday while on Spring Break.

"It was outside her friend's house and they were just standing there talking or whatever and it was a drive by shooting," said Jasmine.

Police in Memphis say Carmen was standing outside of an apartment complex, when a green Ford Explorer rolled up. Someone in the car yelled, "What's up now?" and starting firing. Bullets hit Carmen in the abdomen. She went to a local hospital in critical condition.

Back home in Cypress, Carmen's best friend jasmine guy was taking care of her dog, Paris. She couldn't believe the phone call she got from Carmen's sister.

"At first I thought she was joking. I didn't believe her at all because I was like Carmen's not going to get shot," said Jasmine.

She showed us pictures of Carmen on her Facebook page. And if Jasmine seems calm tonight, it's because she's heard from Carmen on the phone from her hospital bed today.

"If I wasn't talking to her, I'd probably be very upset and worried," said Jasmine.

Carmen has been upgraded to serious condition, and her doctors are hoping she might move out of the intensive care unit.

Cypress Springs High School is back in session, but Jasmine says Carmen might be back in class in as little as two weeks.

"I'm getting her work. Her teachers are sending her work. She has her stuff to study in Memphis already they're emailing her work, so she's gonna be caught up when she gets back," said Jasmine.

Police in Memphis have made an arrest. A 21-year-old was charged with attempted murder and employment of a firearm. There are at least two other suspects in the shooting.

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