Teen reportedly shot at pickup basketball game

HOUSTON It started on a neighborhood basketball court where dozens come to play every day. Those who live here say they never expected violence.

Deputies say the shooting happened during a pickup basketball game outside Champions Covenant Church on Bammel North Houston Road. Jesse Chum and Jason Alvarado describe it as a popular place around the clock.

"As many times as I've come up here, I've never had any trouble up here. This is a surprise, you know, in an area like this," said Chum.

"A lot of people come here. It's always packed with people playing ball, but I've never seen no one get into fights," said Alvarado.

Investigators say a fight on the court led to drawn guns and a young man was struck by a bullet before some of the players involved pulled away in a car. A Klein ISD police officer followed them to Kleinbrook neighborhood.

"I was cutting my front yard and I saw a car pulling up and they opened the doors, and one had a shotgun and he was facing towards me," said Ralph Ramos.

Deputies used K-9s to track down some of the passengers in the car as neighbors pointed out which direction they ran. The victim was left asking for help.

"The one in the backseat, he was shot," said Ramos.

The victim was taken to Northwest Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the face. We are told his injury is not life threatening.

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