Galveston ISD to eliminate school zones

February 8, 2010 4:17:20 PM PST
A local school district getting rid of its school zoning. It's a bold move by Galveston ISD, in hopes of attracting more parents to bring their families back to the island. The decision means that Galveston parents will be able to send their kids to any school in the district. Dropping school zones is the latest, and school administrators say, the last change for Galveston ISD for the next school year as the district copes with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. The packets outlining Galveston ISD's new schools of choice policy are still coming off the copy machine in the administration print shop. They're slated to go to parents in the district, to help them decide where to send their kids next year.

"Next year we will have no school zones," said Galveston ISD spokesperson Dyann Polzin. "We're going to a schools of choice model."

The school board voted to eliminate school zones at its last meeting. It's part of the realignment plan to bring students back to the district students who left after Hurricane Ike.

Polzin said, "Each school will have its own special focused theme."

The school district is still working out descriptions of the curriculum for each school, but Oppe Elementary will have a coastal studies theme, Parker Elementary will focus on international and community studies and Crenshaw will be home to environmental studies. Morgan Elementary will continue with a science and two-way Spanish immersion theme.

Parents we talked to had mixed opinions.

"I don't think that's a good idea," said mother Michaela Carter. "I think the schools should be kept the way they are now with the zoning rules."

"I think that is a good alternative because parents can decide for themselves where is a better education for the children," said mother Rebeca Troconis.