Several deadly wrecks on local roadways

Four people were killed in a suspected street race in southeast Houston early Saturday. It was one of several fatal accidents in the area overnight

February 6, 2010 5:04:47 PM PST
It's been a deadly 24-hour stretch on Houston roadways. At least eight people have died in car crashes since last night. In one of those crashes, police say the two drivers were racing. The accidents were widespread, from northwest Harris County down to southeast Houston. In the crash suspected to have been caused by racing, four people were killed. Police say two mangled trucks that now sit at their impound lot are chilling reminders of what street racing can do.

"Per an eyewitness we had who gave a good statement, he stated that two trucks were drag racing down the service road," said Officer Richard White with the Houston Police Department.

Speed an alcohol are being investigated as possible factors in that crash, which killed four people and injured a fifth. Investigators say they believe the two trucks were racing along the feeder road of I-45 near College just after 2:30am when they lost control.

One eyewitness who saw the crash happen and didn't want to be on camera says he was not at all surprised to see this happen. He says street racing in the area is incredibly common.

There are treat marks in the grass and pieces of the truck still scattered all over the parking lot. The marks left behind tell the story.

"One of the trucks struck the concrete on a crosswalk and we don't know if he came into contact with the other truck, but he pushed the other truck off the road," said Officer White.

The two trucks both went straight into hard metal objects ? a sign and a pole. Police found beer cans and a beer case at the scene and are interviewing the driver of one of the trucks, who is the only survivor.

The names of the victims in the crash have not been released.

Police and sheriff's deputies are also looking into four other deadly accidents. In one case, an SUV flipped on Sam Houston Parkway at West Little York. One woman was killed when she was thrown from the vehicle. A second person was taken to an area hospital. And on Highway 6 in west Houston, a man was hit by a car and killed trying to cross the road. Investigators have identified him as Marlon Perro. The driver stopped after the crash.