Students raise $4,500 for Haiti

January 28, 2010 4:04:47 PM PST
Local elementary school students today presented the American Red Cross with money they raised to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Students at the Post Oak School in Bellaire presented the Red Cross with a check for $4,550. The fourth, fifth and sixth graders raised the money during a bake sale January 21.

"All of us saw the pictures on the TV and the computer and we felt really bad so I had some friends that wanted to do it with me," explained student Syndey Pulaski. "The other class they wanted to do it with us too so we teamed up and made a bake sale."

Connie Tuthill with the American Red Cross said, "We will make sure that it helps in sending food and water and providing shelter to the victims that suffered in the earthquake."

Parents and students bought the bake sale items and also made cash donations.