Police: Two women make bogus 911 call

January 20, 2010 9:55:41 AM PST
We've obtained the 911 call which led to the arrest of two former EMS workers in Santa Fe. Police say the women reported a bogus emergency Tuesday night in order to steal drugs out of an ambulance. The 911 caller was convincing at first, sounding distraught, saying she had her baby with her and that there was a desperate need for an ambulance at her location. But police soon suspected a hoax.

"There's a man that's laying down behind the Santa Fe Seafood and Grill and he's not moving," the caller to 911 was recorded saying.

The dramatic call to Santa Fe 911 Tuesday night certainly got the attention of EMS and police.

"I think he needs an ambulance," the caller continued. "I think he needs an ambulance."

"OK," responded the 911 dispatcher.

"Thank you for helping me," the caller then said.

But Santa Fe police say there was no victim, and no need for 911. It was just two women trying to divert personnel away from the backup ambulance at Station 4 so they could steal the narcotics inside. It didn't work.

"When the primary crew returned to this location, confronted one of the people near or inside the ambulance," said Sgt. Eric Bruss with the Santa Fe Police Department.

The women are identified by police as Amanda Grigg, 37, and Heather Elizabeth Bemrose, 39, former EMS employees.

"One of the females that was arrested actually made the hoax 911 call for the purposes of diverting police and EMS from this general area to the west side of the city," said Sgt. Bruss.

But it also put Santa Fe personnel and the public at risk as they rolled out in emergency mode.

"It focuses our resources where it may hinder or may actually delay a response to a legitimate emergency," said Sgt. Bruss.

The charges for Grigg and Bemrose range from burglary to drug possession to false alarm or report. The case may also be forwarded to the Drug Enforcement Administration.