Community says no to child sex offenders

January 12, 2010 4:07:21 PM PST
A group of homeowners are banding together in a fight to keep convicted sex offenders out of their neighborhoods. It's a door to door effort that's taken years and it's resulted in new restrictions to prevent child sex offenders from owning property in certain areas near Lake Conroe. For April Sound homeowner Dan Grubb, the course of action was clear.

"It is absolutely revolting to all of us and I said this cannot happen in our community."

From his kitchen table, Grubb set to work to change the deed restriction in his section of April Sound. The community is located off Lake Conroe and is a gated community, yet Grubb wanted to keep out what you couldn't see -- the convicted child sex offender.

"We have children and grandchildren who live close by here and we do not want this scourge anywhere near our kids," Grubb explained.

It was the arrest of Fredric Brame that set off Grubb. Brame was arrested in 2007 and charged with sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl. Brame had worked at a dance studio near Grubbs' home.

Two years later, the change is now in black and white. The deed restriction has been changed to ban any convicted sex offender from owning any property or living in April Sound.

Neighbors like Jim Riley think it's about time. Now he's helping to change the deed restrictions in all 26 sections of April Sound. Riley does not believe the action is punishing those who've already been punished and served their time.

"No, because they have other places to live," Riley said. "We're just excluding them from our community."

You can read more about the ban in the Courier of Montgomery County, our Houston Community Newspaper partner.