Suspects nabbed after bungled jewelry store burglary

January 12, 2010 9:17:12 AM PST
A quartet of would-be burglars are now in jail after a bungled attempt that included a hole in the roof, a failed attempt to disarm the alarm and a sleeping getaway driver. Above Camillo's Fine Jewelry in Conroe, repairmen spent Monday cleaning up the mess made by would-be burglars who carried out a grand plan with a few problems.

Their target was the 27-year-old jewelry store on West Davis, still closed for the holidays until Tuesday. The cases were empty. Conroe police believe they had set their sights higher.

"We believe their motive was to get into the safe," said Sgt. Bob Berry of the Conroe Police Department.

However, they didn't even get close. Around 2am officers were alerted, not by a 911 call, but by the alarm, inadvertently triggered by the burglars themselves.

Police say they cut a hole in the roof to get into the store and also cut the telephone wires in an attempt to disable the alarm. It didn't work and within seconds they were surrounded.

"As officers in the back were approaching the store, the back door opened, two suspects ran out and these officers chased the suspects, captured the two almost immediately," said Sgt. Berry.

A third suspect was found hiding in the woods. Police believe he was the lookout who botched the alarm. A fourth suspect didn't do a good job either.

"We found the getaway driver sleeping in a Lumina about a quarter mile or so away," said

Police say evidence found at the store and inside the Chevy Lumina where the sleeping suspect was linked him to the burglary.

All four suspects were from the Houston area. The suspects were identified as Alberto Carlos Escobar, 40, William Renee Vasquez, 29, Christian Javier Ramos, 25, and Santos Orlando Machados-Chicas, 34. They were all transported to the Montgomery County Jail and charged with one count each of burglary and engaging in organized criminal activity.