Elementary students targeted in two attempted abductions

HOUSTON This is Linda Kalantar at Petersen Elementary School calling with important information. An attempted child abduction took place between 3:15 and 3:45pm at the Metro Transit Center near Peterson Elementary School on Wednesday. Principal Linda Kalantar alerted parents that it was reported that an African-American male between the ages of 40 and 45, weighing approximately 180-200 pounds tried to grab a female student by the ear and arm. The girl was unharmed.

The suspect is described as bald with a dent in the side of his head. He was wearing a gray and black t-shirt with blue jeans and was accompanied by a dog with a black face and brown body. The man was spotted across the street from the school on Thursday when he motioned for the same student's attention. As the student ran off to inform an adult, the man walked away. The HISD Police Department has added extra patrols in the area.

On Tuesday, the mother of a fourth grade female student who attends Lamar Elementary School reported an incident to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. The student reported that after getting off of her bus at approximately 3:15pm and walking through the Mission Wood Apartment complex on Borough Park Drive, a man in a ski mask grabbed her arm and her backpack. The girl was able to break free and ran to a nearby apartment unharmed.

The man has been described as approximately 5'8", wearing dark clothing, with a Hispanic accent.

Students are reminded to walk in groups and run away from strangers who may approach them. Anyone noting suspicious behavior is asked to report it.

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