Angel in her ceiling?

HOUSTON In Margaret's Davis' southeast Houston home, there are angels seemingly everywhere.

"I have a prayer that I say to blessed angels," she said. "My heavenly angels watch over this house and the people within."

She's collected them for years.

"I've always just loved angels," said Davis.

But it's the newest one to which she feels most connected, and it appeared in the form of a water spot on her ceiling.

"I feel as though God sent her to me for a special reason," she told us. "And I hope that I use it wisely."

Davis says she has talked to her priest about it and has allowed the faithful to come to her home.

"She has helped others so that helps me," said Davis.

Even her daughter, Benita, knew what it was the first time she saw it, after her mother told her to look up.

"Oh my Lord, that's an angel," said Punch. "It shocked me and I stood there like I'm amazed."

They say they see an angel kneeling, praying before God. For Davis, who's confined to a wheelchair and says she lost her sense of purpose, it is real. It is uplifting. As for why the angel picked her, Davis doesn't need an answer.

"I really don't know, but I feel blessed," she said.

Davis, who turns 85 years old on December 15, says she'll continue to share her home with anyone who wants to see the angel.

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