Gun found on junior high campus

KATY, TX The gun was found Monday and letters went home to parents, as well. We learned how many students will be disciplined for the incident.

Three students were learned to be involved in the incident. The district will be punishing them accordingly. They told us it was actually a fourth student that notified them that the gun was on campus, and after further investigation, Katy ISD police say appeared that one student was trying to sell the gun to another student.

The incident happened at Beckendorff Junior High School where parents learned of the incident while picking up their children at the end of the school day.

"As a parent it's very frightening, very disappointing," said Karen Bibbs. "It makes you want to keep your kids at home, honestly."

A spokesperson for Katy ISD says it was another student who told them a gun was on campus.

"The fact that a student was concerned enough about it that they said something to a teacher is very significant," said Bibbs.

District police say one student brought the .32-caliber pistol to sell it to another. In a letter to parents the school's principal said, "We immediately began investigating and found an unloaded pistol in a student's locker. I want to stress that the pistol was unloaded and no ammunition was found."

"It doesn't really matter to me what the intent was. They must have had plans to threaten or intimidate," said another parent.

Police took the gun and the district notified parents of the students involved. From here they will decide what kind of discipline they could face.

"Naturally the kids should be punished but we need to find out where the gun came from," said parent Dennis Anthony.

In the letter home to parents, Beckendorff Principal Ted Vierling said, "I would like also to congratulate the student who first alerted us to the fact that there was a weapon on campus. Students are often the first line of defense when it comes to keeping our school safe as they often have first-hand knowledge about what their classmates are doing. I ask that you use this incident today as a teachable moment with your child to help confirm with them the important role they play in keeping our school safe."

The district told us that the punishment for the three students accused of being involved could range from expulsion to being sent to an alternative school.

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