No bill decision in Driver case

July 27, 2009 2:40:07 PM PDT
A grand jury has decided not to indict a man accused of lying about being beaten by police while he was being arrested last year. Prosecutors say the accusation defamed the police officers, and are now trying to sue him. It began as a traffic stop in southeast Houston last year and turned into an arrest. But Martin Driver, the father of a Green Bay Packers football player, claimed the three Houston police officers went further than that, beating him behind a gas station. He was hospitalized and placed in ICU.

The police officers involved were cleared by an internal investigation. But they also went public with their denials of Driver's allegations.

"These individuals smear our names, damaged our reputations and publicly humiliated ourselves and our families," one of the officers said.

Today a Harris County grand jury found no evidence the officers harmed Driver, nor evidence that Driver committed perjury. In a way, there is still no resolution to the case.

"Our position was to support the officers and hold people accountable that lie on Houston police officers. We haven't changed that position," said Gary Blankinship, President of the Houston Police Officer's Union. "With this occurring, we're still moving forward."

The case is moving forward, not in state courts, but at the federal level. All three police officers involved in the case have filed a civil lawsuit against Driver, claiming that he defamed them.

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