Storage facility raided in Jackson death probe

HOUSTON [SEE THE WARRANTS: Warrant 1 | Warrant 2]

In that raid at the facility on West 18th at Waterctrest in northwest Harris County on Wednesday, investigators were looking for evidence against Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray.

The storage unit property is kept locked. It's where federal agents and Los Angeles police conducted a second search on Wednesday, after raiding Dr. Murray's Acres Home office. Investigators with the DEA and two officers from the LAPD spent several hours there collecting a variety of items.

The manager of the property says the authorities arrived without any prior notice.

"Walked in and my building was full with DEA narcotics squad, the LAPD officers," said manager Sue Lyons. "They had gone to get a search warrant and they were on their way back. They were here approximately five hours. They took items out and put in the trunk of their vehicle."

The search warrant was obtained in Harris County and is specific. Among some of the 15 items authorities confiscated were assorted documents from the Acres Home Heart and Vascular Institute, a DPS controlled substance registration, an expired medical board certificate, a suspension notice from Doctors Hospital in Houston and two computer hard drives.

The property manager says the storage unit is under Dr. Conrad Murray's name and rented there since April. According to Lyons, the last visit to Dr. Murray's storage unit was made by two women who Lyons says are employed at Murray's clinic. The visit was on June 25, five hours before Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.

"There was a car out there in the parking lot, an orange or red colored car, and they were putting a few small boxes," said Lyons. "You know, like reams of paper comes in and they were putting a few of those in the back of the car."

This statement was issued by Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, to the LA Times newspaper:

"I do not know what they are looking for and I can't possibly tell you how anything they took in any way connects with the death of Michael Jackson."

Since Wednesday, no one from law enforcement has been back to the storage facility.

Meanwhile is reporting that Michael Jackson's autopsy results will be released in the middle of next week. The celebrity website also cites an anonymous LAPD source as saying that Jackson's death will almost certainly be ruled a homicide.

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