Vandals target two area churches

WHARTON, TX Two churches in Wharton were targeted Monday night by vandals who didn't take anything, but left behind plenty of damage and mess. It's not what the ministers of True Holiness Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ wanted to see Tuesday morning.

Minister Lee Kimble said, "The church had been ransacked, things had been turned over, knocked around here at the church house."

Vandals had broken through a door in the night and trashed the church, but didn't take anything. The pastor's things got special attention.

"The damage that stands out in my mind was his chair," said Kimble. "The chair was cut, right in the middle of the chair, his picture was flung all over the church, glass thrown everywhere."

The ministers of True Holiness say the vandals caused thousands of dollars in damages. An insurance adjuster came today.

Minister Walter Holmes said, "(We) never had anything like this happen before. No threats, never heard a threat."

In another part of town, there was a similar scene at the Macedonia Baptist Church.

"They didn't take anything," explained Minister James Malone. "It was just sheer vandalism. (They) knocked out one of the old windows in there, which is a stained glass window."

Wharton police are investigating, but for now, the ministers say that they can't believe someone would do this.

"We are so frustrated," Malone said. "Why do you break into a church?"

Congregation members are pitching in to help with the clean up at True Holiness in an effort to resume services with a Wednesday night Bible study.

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