Father accused of killing his two kids

HOUSTON Police say the man killed his two kids in his car, then tried to kill himself with a single shot to the head. He is listed in critical condition at Ben Taub Hospital.

We're told the man, Pedro Enrique Rosabal, 33, picked up the children, his six-year-old son and his eight-year-old daughter, from school. He then called his wife and told her he was going to kill them. Then at around 5:15pm, their bodies were discovered inside a car at an apartment complex near Fountainview and Fairdale.

Police said interviewing the mother. Neighbors at the comlpex were stunned when they learned there were two dead children parked outside their apartment complex.

"Sickening, I mean, there are no words for it," said neighbor Alan Braun. "Those are two children. What more can you say?"

A tow truck driver thought he was responding to a call of children locked inside a car.

"It's a sad situation. Two kids' lives were taken and I'm sure they didn't know what was going on," said the driver. "I feel bad for their family."

Investigators said Rosabal and his wife, 34, were estranged. Rosabal made a phone call to his wife around 3:55pm Tuesday afternoon.

"He called her and said, 'I just picked up the kids from school and I'm going to do harm to them and kill them,'" said Houston Police Department Spokesperson John Cannon.

Police thought they were dealing with a kidnapping until the grim discovery. Some neighbors said they had seen the father's car throughout the day.

"I didn't really look in the car. I walked by it and that was it. Then when I came back out of my house, the car door was open and he was kind of slumped over," said neighbor Robbie Hall.

One neighbor had just met the little boy over the weekend.

"The little boy was fine. He was full of life and beautiful," said neighbor Terry Melvin.

Some neighbors said it will be very difficult to get any sleep.

"If you're having problems, you don't do that," said Hall. "That's not fair."

Investigators said the father shot himself in the head after shooting his children. Police found a semi-automatic gun inside the car.

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