Cellulite: good and bad foods

June 22, 2009 12:35:24 PM PDT
Here is a list of bad foods/habits that lead to cellulite, and good foods/habits that help to get rid of it: CAUSES CELLULITE... TRUE OR FALSE?

Alcohol and wine: True

Smoking: True

Sugar: True

Whole Milk: True

Cheese: True

Fried foods: True

Red meat: False

White rice: True

Brown rice: False

Bread: True

Potatoes: False

Coffee: False

Caffeine: False

Diet sodas: False

Regular sodas: True

Carbonated (non-caloric) drinks: False

Salt: False

Spicy foods: False

Constipation: False

Tension and stress: True

Crash diets: True


Drinking lots of water: False

Fruits: False

Vegetables: True

Beans: False

Onions: False

Drinking hot water with lemon: False

Massaging or scrubbing the area: False

Scrubbing with coffee grinds: False

Gels, lotions, creams: False

Lifting heavy weights: False

Lifting light weights with more repetition: True

Cardio: True

For more information on fat & calories in foods, visit the Institute of Eating Management.

Source: Keith Klein, Nutritionist, Institute of Eating Management

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