Young murder suspect released to family

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A Harris County judge heard and approved a plan put together by Child Protective Services and the boy's family. That plan calls for 24 hours supervision. That means specifically he will be with an adult at all times, or in the sight of an adult. A supervisor with Fort Bend ISD will be with the child during the day when he is at school.

The boy had been at the Juvenile Justice Center since he was arrested for allegedly killing 10-month-old Deandre Washington. According to the medical examiner, the baby died from blunt force trauma to the head.

The family of the 12-year-old says he is not responsible for the baby's death. They had been working to have him released from the center since his arrest. The judge overseeing the case had said she would consider releasing the boy if CPS and the family could guarantee he will be supervised around the clock.

The attorney for the family of the boy feels they have come up with a plan that will satisfy the judge's request.

"We had a plan in place, but she wanted to have maybe more of a one on one supervisor instead of a school environment or something along those lines and we feel like we can get the judge what she wants, to make her comfortable to release him," said attorney Andrea Kolski.

"He sees all the support he is getting and he's just trying to say, 'I've done nothing. Why am I still here?' He doesn't fully understand but he is saying to himself, 'I've done nothing, so I really want to come home,'" said family spokesperson Johnny Jeremiah.

Now that the boy is being released, he will stay with a relative. Because of his age, his name is not being released. He also can't be charged as an adult.

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