Straight-A student may graduate after all

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Demi Roden attends Central Christian Academy, where administrators say she is a straight-A student and where she could be valedictorian.

Roden spent most of her high school career at Pope John XXIII High School, but she had to switch schools to Central Christian this year after her mother and step-father lost their jobs due to economic downsizing and could no longer afford the nearly $10,000 annual tuition at the school.

Pope John Principal Tim Peterson had said the family still owed $2,500. As a result, the school wouldn't release Roden's transcripts.

Meanwhile, officials at Central Christian Academy say they couldn't graduate her until they could verify she has passed all required courses, which she says she completed at Pope John XXIII.

"They're persecuting her for something that's not her fault," said Thelma Roden-Divin, the student's mother.

But on Friday, Peterson told us that us that money has been sent by donors to the school on Roden's behalf, which covered tuition. He says her academic records have now been sent to Central Christian Academy.

Pope John says they had tried to work with Roden's Family, even setting up a monthly payment plan. But Peterson says no payment was made on the outstanding debt for a year.

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