Child's babysitter charged with kidnapping

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The mother of a five-year-old child went to the Pasadena Police Department shortly before 10pm on April 18 to report her son missing. She had last seen the child and his adult male caregiver at 9:50am that morning when the caregiver, an unemployed roommate of the mother, dropped her off at work. Several times during the day, the mother tried to call the caregiver with no response.

When the mother arrived home from work, the caregiver and her child were missing. Juvenile detectives were notified and immediately launched an investigation in attempt to develop information leading to the child's whereabouts. The apartment complex where the family lived was searched with negative results.

Late Sunday morning, April 19, an Amber Alert was initiated and within an hour, Houston Police located the vehicle, a green Ford Explorer in northeast Houston. The caregiver, Jesus "Jesse" Arredondo, was taken into custody and the child was safely reunited with his mother.

Police say their investigation revealed that the child had been left unattended numerous times in the vehicle over an approximate 20 hour time frame, while the defendant was alleged to have been engaged in drug related activity in the area where the defendant and child were located.

Arredondo, 56, has been charged with kidnapping and abandoning/endangering a child. His bond totals $50,000 and he remains in custody at the Harris County Jail.

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