Deputy accused of drunk driving

April 6, 2009 8:51:25 PM PDT
A Harris County Sheriff's deputy is accused of driving while intoxicated. Investigators say he was arrested -- still in his uniform and driving a patrol car -- shortly after he got off duty this weekend.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

The deputy has been identified as Murray Campbell. He has been with the sheriff's department for 17 years. According to the department, Campbell worked a 16 hour day when he was arrested Saturday night outside the Montgomery Trace subdivision where he lives in Montgomery County.

A sheriff's office spokesman said Campbell reported he had pulled over to help a deputy constable on a traffic stop when an off-duty DPS trooper stopped in her car and told him he had been speeding and weaving. Campbell is said to have refused a Breathalyzer test when another trooper arrived, so he was arrested and a blood sample was taken. For now, Campbell is on desk duty.

HCSO Spokesperson Bob Dogium explained, "Until there's a final determination, which will come from the blood test, I don't think it's inappropriate or out of line to consider fatigue."

A DPS spokesman in Austin says there is nothing in their arrest report to indicate that the deputy had pulled over to help another officer when he was arrested.

Campbell remains on desk duty and his patrol car has been taken away until the blood test results come back and the case is resolved.

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