Rig accident blamed on slick roads

April 2, 2009 10:09:59 AM PDT
The fast-moving storms that blew through the Houston area Thursday morning are being blamed for a big rig accident on the southeast side. The truck jack-knifed while exiting the East Loop.Crews are still working on removing the 18-wheeler from Highway 225 on the outbound lane going towards Pasadena. They're blaming the slick road conditions for this accident and have had some difficulty removing the trailer from the roadway.

They say part of the problem is when the jack-knifed part of the trailer slid off the bed of the truck and went over the concrete divider.

The traffic on the inbound lanes of Highway 225 was at halt for quite some time. People were getting out of their cars and were walking back and forth on the freeway.

There is only one lane open going around the accident right now. If you want to avoid the area, you can take the Broadway exit off Highway 225 and take the feeder road. You can always see a realtime map of traffic in the area.

Crews hope to have the big rig moved before noon. No one was injured in this accident.

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