Cruel attack near Hobby Airport

March 19, 2009 5:35:11 AM PDT
It was a sudden attack. Someone threw a brick through the window of a passing car, showering everyone inside with shattered glass. The family was headed home from the airport after a ski vacation, but what happened next has left everyone involved terrified. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Broadway leading to I-45 here is a major corridor for many leaving Hobby Airport. Last Friday night, a group on their way home from the airport experienced such cruelty, they are still in disbelief. The event was so frightening they've asked we only use their first names.

With their plane landing at Hobby Airport, their ski trip was officially over. Just shy of midnight, they traveled past apartments on Broadway near I-45. That's when fatigue turned to panic.

"We were really tired, nodding off kind of, and I remember hearing this random gigantic crash," said Alex.

"We were absolutely sure it was a gunshot, the way it sounded it was such a blast, such a piercing noise," said Kim.

What they knew for sure was that the back window of their truck was shattered and family friend Mary was in excruciating pain.

"I remember grabbing my eyes and saying, 'I can't see, I can't see'," said Mary.

The family pulled over at a gas station on Broadway and dialed 911. In the meantime, Mary's eyes were full of broken glass.

"Like sand all of the sudden blown into your eyes and all just crammed in there, nd each time you moved your eyes, it would scratch deeper and deeper," said Mary.

They weren't the only target. Another woman driving behind them was in worse condition.

"There was a person behind us that got hit and it hit the actual lady and she had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance," said Alex.

So what happened? They found a piece of concrete on their floorboard. It had been tossed from above the truck, cracked the top of door and shattered the window.

We went back out to the scene and found similar pieces near the apartment complex and an opened window. It was too dark that night to tell where it came from.

"There were some apartments there and some shadows, so it could have been anyone hiding in a shadow," said Alex.

They were reluctant to tell their story, but wanted others to be aware of what happened on that stretch of Broadway between Hobby Airport and I-45.

We called the Houston Police Department about the case and they expect an investigator will be assigned to it in the next few days.

As for Mary, doctors were able to clean the glass out of her eyes and her vision is almost back to 100 percent.

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