Bride and groom arrested during crackdown

March 15, 2009 3:36:58 PM PDT
It's a no-refusal weekend and that's why a lot of you may have noticed more police and sheriff's deputies on the roads, looking for drunk drivers. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

The drive to get offenders off the roads is part of Harris County's 'March Madness' crackdown. Judges are at the scene when someone is pulled over. They will provide warrants that allow officers to perform tests on suspected drunk drivers who refuse to be tested. This crackdown runs every weekend through end of the month.

A bride and groom spent their wedding night in jail, busted on this no refusal weekend. They were taken to court this morning. A Precinct 8 deputy constable pulled their car over last night. The groom was behind the wheel and arrested for DWI. Officers were going to let the bride get a ride home, but they say she became belligerent and demanded to drive the car home. She was then arrested for public intoxication.

The Harris County DA's office says it hopes the crackdown will reduce drinking during spring break and the NCAA basketball tournament. The crackdown started on Friday night.

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