Pearland residents relieved

March 10, 2009 9:28:04 PM PDT
As we reported, we've learned a gun found in Susanna DeJesus' vehicle is connected to a Pearland home invasion on the same night she was abducted. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Since February 2 when a woman inside a Silver Lake home was hogtied at gunpoint and stuffed in her closet, residents on the street have been on edge.

That same night, about a mile away, Susanna DeJesus was abducted as she left work.

After Monday's arrest of a carjacking suspect in Pearland who led detectives to a body believed to be DeJesus', officials for the first time said a gun found in her vehicle is linked to the home invasion.

"There's a lot of emails going around today because we heard of the break in the case," said neighbor Dan Market.

Fears that a recession was breeding crimes in the area have given way to the possibility that one suspect was leading the crime spree.

"It's one of relief because I think what was going through people's minds is my gosh the neighborhood is deteriorating, we've got a crime wave going on. But it turns out it's only one guy and he's caught. There's reason to hope that things will get back to normal," said neighbor Terry Lee.

Homeowners admit the crime has only made them stronger as a neighborhood. Within the last few weeks, a crime watch was created.

"There's more emails flying around. I think people are talking to each other. There's a little more awareness of what's going on in the neighborhood, more idea that we should get to know our neighbors," said Lee.

Neighbors said if there's anything positive that came out of this crime, it's that they have bonded.

There is now an email and phone list so that if any time of day if something suspicious is going on in the neighborhood, they know which neighbors are home at which times to check things out.

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