Source: Carjacking suspect led police to body

March 10, 2009 4:30:39 PM PDT
It's the news family members and friends of Susana DeJesus had hoped they wouldn't hear -- that DeJesus had been found dead. Investigators haven't confirmed that, but they have told her family that a body found this morning may be hers. [PHOTOS: See images from search for Susan DeJesus]
[AUDIO: Hear the 911 call from after the alleged abduction]

HPD homicide investigators discovered the badly decomposed body around 3am Tuesday inside a trailer parked in a field behind a business park near Reliant Park.

And now, we've learned an attempted carjacking suspect may have answers as to what happened. A law-enforcement source confirms to Eyewitness News that the 21-year-old man in custody led police to a body which may be DeJesus, that when they arrested him Monday night, he told them he had some information they may want and then led them to the body. According to the source, the carjacking suspect claimed that he didn't kill her, but was somehow involved in the crime.

We were also told a gun found inside DeJesus' car has been linked to a home invasion the day she went missing.

Pearland PD Lieutenant Onesimo Lopez would neither confirm or deny the information.

"At this time, I can't comment on what information we've obtained from the suspect," he told us.

The body, which was in advanced stages of decomposition, was discovered in a tractor-trailer in an open lot a few miles from Reliant Park. A source tells us that the body found on Tuesday morning had clothing which matched clothes that DeJesus wore the day she went missing.

The 37-year-old's family was notified this morning that authorities are looking into possibilities the body is DeJesus. The medical examiner has not yet ruled on the case.

Nearby workers were shaken to learn a body was found so close.

"Scary because I come here every day," said Allison Ozeri. "I didn't know there was a body over there. It could be anybody."

DeJesus was abducted from her place of employment in Pearland on the night of February 2. A masked man kidnapped her at gunpoint and forced her into her car. That car was found abandoned in the 6,000 block of West Airport. A man was later captured on surveillance video at an ATM, withdrawing money from her account.

Authorities all along thought the suspect was known to the victim. How was unclear. And now it's apparent one man may have the answer

"The investigators have been speaking with him and there is information that they've obtained," said Lt. Lopez.

Pearland police say the carjacking suspect in custody is giving investigators information about cases in surrounding jurisdictions.

He was arrested just before 10pm yesterday hiding in a shed behind a home in the Springfield subdivision. Officers spent the day tracking him down after he allegedly tried to carjack a homeowner in a nearby neighborhood yesterday morning. Police said he fired once at the homeowner, but missed. The incident happened near Magnolia Elementary. Students were moved to Pearland Junior High West as a precaution.

Over the past month, friends and volunteers have spent hours searching for DeJesus. They say Tuesday's news has been disappointing. Eyewitness News reporter Miya Shay picks up the story there.

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