A holy makeover

January 30, 2009 8:32:30 PM PST
It wasn't just an extreme makeover, it was an extremely quick makeover. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

On Monday, we told you about the five day job to restore a San Leon Church which was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. On Friday, the work was done.

A man known for public speaking could barely form words after Pastor Bob Gibson saw his church for the first time in five days.

''What an awesome god I serve. This is just all god's love before my eyes," said Pastor Gibson.

What we saw on Monday was a church being completely rebuilt from the landscaping to the roof by volunteers from a Virginia-based church group called God's Pit Crew'.

The San Leon Community Church is considered a vital part of the tiny bayside community of San Leon in the days following Hurricane Ike. The church was destroyed and church members lost everything, yet the church handed out critical supplies of water and food to neighbors.

"It's been a lifeline. It's amazing. I'm speechless," said church member Robin Wardlow.

Others were equally impressed.

"Without the support of our church family the first few days, I couldn't have survived. It was the church that lifted us up to help us see that everything was gonna be alright," said church member Betty Caswell.

God's Pit Crew is an emergency response team that came to San Leon to help rebuild. They quickly learned of Pastor Bob's reputation.

"We must have spent an hour with him and he never once said anything about his church being destroyed and if he needed help he was just concerned with helping people in his community," said Randy Johnson of God's Pit Crew.

Surrounded by church members with cameras, the man who spent his life helping others is now receiving help and a brand new church with all the trimmings.

"I think that for the community, it brings hope," said Pastor Gibson.

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