Grandmother of 'Baby Grace' testifies

January 30, 2009 2:46:23 PM PST
The fourth day of testimony in the "Baby Grace" trial took place on Friday. [TRIAL BLOG: Deborah Wrigley is blogging from the courthourse]
[PHOTOS: Images from 'Baby Grace' trial]

There were more tears, this time from Royce Zeigler's mother. That's because to little two-year-old Riley Ann Sawyers, she was a grandmother. A grandmother who asked a lot of questions after little Riley disappeared.

Kimberly Trenor's in-laws took the stand testifying for the prosecution. That included her husband's brother who said Kimberly Trenor was the only person he saw physically discipline her daughter Riley.

From evidence and testimony, it was an emotional day in the courtroom.

A storage box like the one in which Riley was found in Galveston Bay was shown to jury members, who stared at it without expression.

Equally chilling were receipts from a Tomball Wal-Mart that Trenor showed investigators. Items purchased by Trenor and husband Royce Zeigler the night Riley was killed in July 2007 included:

Receipt #1

Kilz cement
Trash bags
Rubber gloves
Two respiratory masks
Duct tape
Anchor chain

Receipt #2

Latex gloves (small and large sizes)
"Head to Toe"' baby wash
Two bottles of bleach
Large storage container (included child safety warning)

On Friday afternoon, Trenor's mother-in-law testified, telling of her own love for Riley. Nellie Zeigler told the jury that the child suddenly grew scarce in late July.

When she asked Trenor where Riley was, Nellie Zeigler recalled, "I was told they took Riley to her aunt's house in Plainsville, Texas. And she would stay there until November when the state of Texas would take care of the custody battle for her."

Trenor later said Riley was taken by an Ohio Child Protection Services worker and returned to her father and grandparents.

Nellie Zeigler began growing suspicious. She said she heard about "Baby Grace" on the news, went on the internet and held up a picture of Riley and did not want to believe it.

Riley Sawyer's paternal grandmother, Cheryl Sawyers, also took the stand. She was the woman from Ohio who helped identify the child.

The state may rest its case on Friday. Then the defense will begin next week.

To read more of today's testimony, go to our website. Our reporters in the courtroom will be blogging throughout the trial.

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