Inauguration tickets gone missing

January 13, 2009 4:18:15 PM PST
Tickets to next week's Presidential Inauguration are one of the hottest commodities in the world. At least two local families say they were told their congressman had reserved tickets for them. Now they're being told they are not on the list.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Dr. Carolyn Richardson emailed Congressman John Culberson's office for tickets to the Inauguration the day after the election.

"We followed the procedure. And we were then sent confirmation emails that we had tickets on reserve. Six tickets on reserve," said Dr. Richardson.

On January 12, the day ticket pick-up began, Dr. Richardson got a very different story.

"He told me that my name wasn't on the list, that there were no tickets reserved for me, that I misunderstood the email, and I said 'No sir,'" Dr. Richardson pointed out.

Michelle Richardson, no relation to Dr. Carolyn Richardson, has a similar story. She also emailed for tickets on November 5.

"The response said that all I needed to do was tell them how many tickets I needed. That was it. So I responded and said I need six tickets please," said Michelle Richardson.

This week, Richardson received no tickets, just an email calling it confusion.

"It was so insulting. I'm not confused. I have a great command of the English language," said Michelle Richardson.

Representative Culberson's office sent the following statement to Eyewitness News, "If anyone in my office caused any confusion to my constituents about the availability of Inauguration tickets, I will do everything possible to remedy any problems that were caused."

Michelle Richardson still has plans to attend the Inauguration since she has spent about $1,500 worth of plane tickets, car rental and hotel reservations.

"Someone needs to find my six tickets," said Richardson.

When Eyewitness News spoke to the Chief of Staff in Rep. Culberson's office later, he said that Michelle Richardson will receive three tickets to the Inauguration. It covers Richardson, her daughter and her friend.

He also said that both Dr. Richardson and Michelle Richardson had gotten emails on November 5 telling them that they did not have the tickets back then.

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