Family wants justice after hit and run

January 9, 2009 4:57:09 AM PST
A Houston family has a heart-wrenching decision to make. A loved one was left in a coma as a result of a hit-and-run collision. As the victim lies in the hospital, the search for justice is in full swing. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Raquel Renovato is looking for answers, one flyer at a time. For the past two weeks, she's been posting the flyers for one simple reason.

"Because I know the victim. They not only hurt him, they hurt the entire family," she said.

The hurt hasn't diminished for Pam Wade and her family. On November 29, the father, Rob Roy, was in an accident. Roy was driving his motorcycle along FM 1960 near Red Oak when he was struck head on by a car. The car took off, leaving Roy lying on the street. Although he was wearing a helmet, massive head injuries left him in a coma ever since.

"If someone would have called 911 or stopped to render aid, that 10 or 15 minutes, however long he laid there, could have saved his life," said Pam.

Authorities believe the hit and run happened sometime after 5am. Wade says her father was on his way to work. However, pre-dawn erratic driving and behavior are not unusual along FM 1960.

In August of 2007, home video captured several gunshots being fired in the area. Remarkably, no one was hurt.

And in October of the same year, Harris County sheriff's deputies conducted a crackdown, taking several people into custody.

"I want to solve this crime and I want to see justice done and I want people to be aware of the importance of stopping or making that 911 call," Pam said.

Wade says the family is agonizing with the decision about how long to keep Roy on life-support. Meanwhile, a $2,000 reward is being offered by the family for anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this case.

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