Diane Gendel

January 7, 2009 8:13:46 AM PST
From working in the trenches to the wielding the gavel in the board room, from stuffing envelopes to breaking all fundraising records, from feeding the hungry to even kissing a pig to raise awareness for diabetes research, over the past 30 years of volunteer service, Diane Gendel has done it all! She has worked to support more than 40 organizations reflecting her interest in the arts, medicine, education, and in helping the less fortunate. The Houston Symphony, Baylor College of Medicine, the Moore's School of Music Society, Crohns and Colitis Foundation, the Houston Grand Opera, Blaffer Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, TIRR, the Salvation Army Auxiliary, and the Greater Houston preservation alliance are among the charities that have benefitted from her efforts. When Diane is leading the effort, you know it is going to be creative and fun.

Diane has been married to her husband, Harry, for 39 years. They have two children. Jacqueline, an artist in New York and Keith, an architect living in Los Angeles.

While receiving many awards throughout the years for all that she has accomplished, Diane considers the greatest reward to be the people that she has met, people who are now her treasured friends. They serve as her inspiration.

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