Family safe after carjacking

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It happened Wednesday evening at Boone Road and Bissonnet when police say two Hispanic men armed with knives carjacked the family as they were at the intersection. The men threw the mother of the three children out of the car, followed by the grandmother. A witness told us the grandmother was covered in blood with her teeth smashed out. She was unable to walk.

The grandfather and three children, a 6-year-old boy, 4-year-old girl and one month old baby boy were all still in the car with the men. Roughly an hour later, those victims were dropped off near Telephone Road and the South Loop. The suspects ditched the van and ran off.

"I told them they needed to change their ways," the grandfather Lucas Mosivais Hernandez told us. "They told me to be quiet and pulled a knife on me. That's when they said if I didn't behave, I would die."

The family is apparently okay with the exception of the grandmother who was taken to the hospital. The suspected carjackers are nowhere to be found.

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