More speculation on Mayor White's future

HOUSTON It's all but a certainty that /*Mayor White*/ will announce his intentions to run for Senate this week, assuming the woman who holds the job now, /*Kay Bailey Hutchison*/, will resign from her seat and run for governor.

For months, people have speculated across the state that Houston's mayor will either run for governor or the Senate seat. We now expect him to run for Senate. In fact, the mayor traveled to Fort Worth Monday to meet with supporters and will head to The Valley Tuesday and do the same.

Although he has not officially announced, local Democrats are already weighing in.

"You're asking me if it surprised me that he chose the Senate route rather than the governor's route," said Gerry Birnberg, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party. "Actually, it did."

"Being a member of Congress, I would love to have him in the Senate. Because it would be a person on the Senate side that I would know," said Rep. Gene Green of Houston.

Mayor White's inner circle is very tight lipped about the timing of his announcement. Because Tuesday is a run-off election date and the mayor is traveling, he could stretch this out and not announce his intentions until Wednesday or Thursday.

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