Two women arrested at spa

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Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Department arrested two women at the BB Spa on Kuykendall near 1960. Detectives say the women were selling sex inside but the county deputies could not shut the place down because they say laws in unincorporated areas are much more lax.

That is something a state senator is trying to change.

"I think we're going to have to realize this is not the old days when counties were really loosely run," said Republican state senator Dan Patrick of Houston. "I think we will have to give commissioners some opportunity. We'll have to do that legislatively, so they can crack down on this and other issues."

A local ministry group is also working with law enforcement to shut places like this one down.

"If we can identify and track that and actually document that, then we can turn it over to law enforcement, whatever law enforcement agency is investigating and say, 'look we know that these women are not here by choice,'" said "James" with Redeemed Ministries.

While it's unclear if the women arrested Wednesday are here illegally. Investigators say human trafficking is often an element of a business like this.

"We'll arrest these people and they will make bond tonight possibly. This is what has happened in the past," said Lt Lofton Harrison with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. "And they will be back operating under a different name tomorrow, and that's frustrating but the good part is we're taking some of these girls out of this atmosphere."

Deputies ask you to call the Harris County tip line if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood at 713-877-5200.

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